Top 5 Cheap Universities in Spain for International Students in 2024

Have you ever thought of taking a degree/course in Spain, be it a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or a PhD? Here are a lot of things you should know about Spain and some of the cheapest universities you should consider for a standard and affordable education. Spain is one of the famous European countries situated between France and Portugal with the capital city, Madrid. Spain is well-known by tourists, residents, and even students for their exciting traditions, architecture, very calm atmosphere, and culture. In Spain, there are a lot of public and private institutions for higher education, with lots and lots of students trooping in each year. Schooling in Spain is cheap compared to other countries in Europe. In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the cheapest universities to study in pain.

List of Top 5 Cheap University to Study in Spain for International Students

  • University of Valencia
  • University of Granada
  • University of Salamanca
  • University of Santiago de Compostela
  • University of Navarra

University of Valencia

This university is located in Valencia, It is one of the oldest, most famous, and top universities in Spain. If you are enthusiastic about culture, research, and democracy to mention but a few, then this university is for you. Valencia University presently has over 50,000 students including international students. They offer a very wide range of study programs for both undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate studies. Most of their undergraduate courses are taught in Valencian or Spanish while some postgraduate programs are taught in English. Regardless, there are still considerations for International students.

The average tuition fee for studying is the University of Valencia is about 2600 Euro per year. However, some of the programs offered for undergraduates are:

  • Business Management
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Law
  • Education and Training, etc

Graduate programs include

  • Health Science
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Legal Sciences, etc

University of Granada

One of the oldest universities in Spain tracing back to the early 16th century in 1531 with over 80,000 students including international students enrolled. The University of Granada is a public university and is located in Granada, Spain. It is presently the fourth-largest university in Spain judging by the number of enrolled students. This school is popularly known for its Mediterranean coast and its rich history and tradition. It is a good and attractive university for international students and has campuses in two different locations Ceuta and Melilla. One of the most eye-catching benefits of studying here is that they offer some of their programs in English and however, you get to learn Spanish based on your choice.

It’s presently one of the cheapest universities in Spain for anyone trying to pursue a master’s degree. They have over 20 professional schools and faculties with over 100 departments. They are also well-known for their excellence in Computer Engineering programs. This university is at no doubt ranked as one of the top 5 best and cheapest universities in Spain.

Their tuition fee is worth approximately 750 Euro per year and they offer the following programs:

  • Degree Programs: Health Sciences, Law, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, etc.
  • Masters Programs: Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Technology, Law, Arts and Humanities.
  • PhD programs: Humanities, Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Social Sciences and Law, etc.

University of Salamanca

The oldest university in Spain was founded in the early 13th century in the year 1218. Presently, the university has about six campuses which are:

  • Campus of Sciences
  • De Canalejas
  • Ciudad Jardin
  • Historical Campus
  • Miguel de Unamuno,
  • Villamayor.

The university currently has about 30,000 students including international students and welcomes thousands of students every year because of its history and facilities. However, it is considered the best university for Arts and Humanities. It costs about 2500 Euros per year for a Bachelor’s degree and about 5000 Euros for a master’s Degree. However, the tuition fee is usually slightly higher for international students. They offer courses like Social Sciences, Humanities, Arts, Engineering, Medicine, Economics and Business.

University of Santiago de Compostela

If you are looking for a university that is big on offering quality education then this university is for you. This University of Santiago de Compostela is one of the oldest universities in Spain tracing back to the late 15th century in 1495 when it was founded. It is also the cheapest university in Spain for international students. The University admits thousands of international students every year. They also offer a very wide range of programs including Engineering, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Nature Sciences.

Schooling at the University of Santiago de Compostela costs an average of 4000 Euros every year.

University of Navarra

This private and non-profit university was founded in the mid-20th century in 1952 and is situated on the southeast border of Pamplona, Spain. Presently, Navarra University has about 12,000 students and counting including International Students. They have about 7 campuses which are: San Sebastian, New York Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Madras, Pamplona, and Munich.

As a private university, Navarra University is identified as one of the best private universities in Spain. They are very well-known for their quality education. Presently, the university has about 14 faculties for undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. However, there are about 35 undergraduate programs and 38 master’s degrees available.

The average tuition fee for Navarra University is about 16,200 Euro per year and some of the courses/ programs they offer include:

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Law, Biochemistry, Audiovisual Communication, Biology, and lots more.
  • Masters Degree: Economics, Technology, Pharma-Biotech, Global Executive MBA, Banking, etc.
  • Doctoral Programs: Biological Evaluation, Bio Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biology and Design Synthesis.

Before choosing a university, take your time to carefully assess these universities, find out their strengths and weaknesses, and then make a selection based on your budget and your field.

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