Teaching jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Recently, teaching has been a very tasking job that is also in high demand. Teachers play vital roles in society today. As a teacher, you have a series of roles to play in fashioning the lives of young people. Such roles include: preparing lessons plan and educating students at all levels. A teacher also makes sure that their students are passionate about learning and understanding the importance of education. In this article, We will focus on vital information you need to be aware of while being interested in teaching in Canada with visa sponsorship.

What is Visa Sponsorship?

Visa sponsorship implies that a person who happens to be your sponsor takes responsibility for you and your actions during your stay in that country. The sponsor essentially submits a petition to the government asking for the visitors to be allowed entry. Visa sponsorship always has a financial element where the sponsor declares that they will support you financially if the need arises. It is important to note that visa sponsorship requirements depend on factors such as the country and visa type.

Qualifications for Teaching Jobs in Canada

Just as with every other job, to teach in Canada, there are certain requirements one must meet before one can be qualified for a teaching job;

A bachelor’s degree in Education and a provincial certificate are required for teaching jobs in Canada. Obtaining certificates can be a slow process, it is best to start before you arrive in Canada if possible.

Applicants should have at least one year of work experience and be fluent in one or both of Canada’s official languages. It is mandatory to complete a post-graduate diploma in education to get certified as a teacher in Canada

How to get Visa Sponsorship for Teaching Jobs

To get a visa, you must have gotten an offer of employment from the institution. For this to happen, you must have applied for the job position.

The following procedure has to be followed.

  • Make a list of institutions where you will like to teach and apply
  • Apply for the job and get an offer
  • Make sure the job has a visa sponsorship
  • Accept the job offer and wait for the petition to be approved by the government of the state you are applying for
  • Process your visa

Best Teaching Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

Lead Teacher (average salary: $25 per hour)

Basic Duties: The lead teacher assists teachers with all aspects of classroom management such as small group projects, diaper changing, and classroom clean-up for all ages 2 months to 6 years, he or she is expected to answer the phone to guide prospective families and answer questions with proper phone etiquette

Teacher; Elementary school (average salary: $45,000-$61,000 per year)

Basic Duties: An elementary teacher is expected to develop course content, identify children learning needs and also prepare, administer, and correct tests.

High school teacher (average salary: $86000-113,000 per year)

Basic Duties: High school teachers assign and correct homework, develop course content and participate in staff meetings, educational conferences, and teacher training workshops. High school teachers also teach students through lectures, discussions, audio-visual presentations, and laboratory, shop, and field studies.

School teacher-secondary school (average salary: $10,500 per year)

Basic Duties: Secondary school teacher is expected to advise students on course selection and vocational and personal matters. He or she is also expected to evaluate the progress of students and discuss results with students, parents, and school officials.

Early childhood educator (E.C.E) (average salary: $19.10-$24.39 per hour)

Basic Duties: Early childhood educator works as a member of the child care center team providing nurturing care and education to children from infancy to pre-kindergarten

Mathematics teacher- secondary school (average salary: $86,000-$113,000 per year)

Basic Duties: Mathematics teacher provides tutoring assistance, prepares subject material for presentations according to an approved curriculum, and also prepares, administers, and corrects tests

Websites to Find Teaching Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

A variety of websites provide relevant information about teaching jobs, most of these websites post job opportunities you can make good use of to land your dream job in your desired country.

Here are some of the top websites to look for teaching jobs with visa sponsorship.

Robert Half

Robert Half has both a mobile app and website, you will find hundreds of on-site, remote, and hybrid job listings from the companies they work with around the world. Many of the opportunities are exclusive to Robert Half. They offer career opportunities in the field of finances and accounting, technology, marketing, creative, administrative and customer support, or legal.


Indeed aggregates postings from professional associations. They are also all across the web, including on company career pages. They also allow you to search locally or globally. Indeed hosts more than 150 million resumes and claims that 10 new jobs are added to its site every second, globally.


CareerBuilder has two big points in its Favour: size and longevity, as it’s one of the biggest and longest-lived job sites on the internet. The site uses Google AI to help match job seekers with suitable opportunities and resources for job candidates.


Eluta is a search engine that features job postings in Canada from more than 10,000 employers’ websites. It provides links back to the original employers’ job postings. Candidates can sign up with their emails to get notifications on the availability of jobs.


Canada places a high value on education which as a result gives room for a variety of teaching jobs for foreigners looking to move to Canada. This makes it easier to get scholarship jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship.

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