Law School Vs Medical School Acceptance Rate 2023/2024

For many decades there have always been controversies and opinions over which one is better between medical and Law School. Numerous students supported that law schools are better than medical schools because of their calendar and fairly high admittance rate.

However, others concur with various ideas that medical schools are finer or better because they create an easy avenue for their students to achieve their dream occupations. Contemplating the subject’s significance in your pursuit to know about both schools, we have decided to also join in the course of the debate that might not end soon.

Law school Vs Medical school acceptance rate

Moreover, we can not precisely conclude which one is better, but notwithstanding, let us contemplate on differences between Law schools and Medical schools to know which is better.

Law School is considered first when we are talking about acceptance rates. Candidates have higher chances of being accepted into law schools than medical schools due to their high admittance level.

A middle-ranking medical institution in the United States brags of at least a 7% admission rate, meanwhile acceptance rate in law schools is almost 22% higher than that of medicine.

Hence, it is right to acknowledge that medical schools have a high competitive acceptance rate, compared to law schools with less competitive admission rates.

Is it more difficult to get into law school or medical school?

It’s tough to get into both schools because they both have little acceptance rates compared to other institutions in the country.

The fact that both schools demand a high GPA of nothing less than a 3.5 GPA, makes them more difficult than any undergraduate institution.

Comparing medical and law institutions. However, gaining admission into a medical university seems more difficult than entering into a law university.

Law school needs fewer requirements while medical needs numerous skinned documents. Likewise, Medicine demands numerous admission examinations like the BMAT, UCAT, and MCAT while law university doesn’t require other tests apart from the normal SAT.

Therefore, one must be mathematically good to gain entry into medical institutions, unlike law institutions where you need minor or no mathematical skills to prevail.

Is law or medicine Harder?

Moreover, medicine stands out in this aspect because it is extremely difficult to graduate as a doctor than a lawyer or barrister. Beginning from the admission procedure, a medical school has tremendous admission processes and examinations.

Also, most colleges do have not much space for students opting for medicine, compared to spaces opened to law applicants.

Similarly, you ought to have an incredibly high grade and a very good MCAT score to study medicine, while a satisfactory grade and LSAT score can allow you to study law at Yale and Harvard universities.

Speaking of program span, medicine mandates four years of serious reading and three years of practical exercise to become a qualified medical professional who merits a career in any medical field.

Although, you need just three years of focused reading and hard work to become a certified lawyer. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that medicine is more difficult than law.

Is law or medicine more competitive?

Medical school and law school are competitive in terms of admission rates. Yet, medicine is barely above the law because few scholars end up gaining entrance into medical school.

However, it is mandatory to provide all the essentials, consisting of a high GPA, to stand any chance in any of the two schools.

What percentage of students get accepted into medical school?

According to some data by the Association of American Medical Colleges; the general acceptance rate of all the medical universities in the USA is 43%.

It means 43 out of 100 candidates will be granted admission throughout the country.

Although, as communicated earlier, an average medical institution in the country has a 7% admission rate which means at least 7 out of 100 applicants will be accepted into any medical school in the country.

What percentage of students get accepted into law school?

By stats, 115 law schools in the United States had an overall admission rate of 46% in 2019. However,  the rate has risen severely since then as it presently stays at 60%, implying that 60 out of 100 candidates will be given admission into any law institutions across all states of the federation.

However, a standard law school boasts at least a 29% acceptance rate, which implies that 29 students will be admitted out of 100 secondary school graduates puto ruse admission pursue any law institution.

Be also informed that the stats above can change at any time as there could be changes in University’s admission policies.

Law school or med school, which is more expensive?

Medical and law schools are very expensive. You need close to $100K per year —including lodging, food, and other expenses—ab to study at any of the institutions.

It is easy to acknowledge that a Medical school is more expensive because the medicine program lasts for four years, while Law courses only run for 3 years.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t bother too much about the education fee because you could enjoy numerous scholarship programs obtainable to students in the country.

Some scholarships cover 10% of the schooling fee, while others are 5%. Check the list of scholarship programs endorsed by your school, go through the conditions, and apply for the suitable one.

Who gets paid more, a lawyer or a doctor?

However, to answer this question correctly there are many things to be considered, which include status, country’s earnings policy, organization level, etc.

Nevertheless, doctors are more paid than lawyers. It is already known by many that a standard medical doctor receives at least $208,000 yearly. Meanwhile, an average lawyer earns $118,160 annually.

Also, doctors are more regarded than lawyers and this is because they are seen as experts who can preserve or end one’s life without any trace.

People also admire doctors more than lawyers or barristers because of the price they paid after six years of training.

Nevertheless,  you can earn more than a doctor if you are outstanding in what you do. Train yourself, improve your skills, and obtain the highest degree if compulsory to become the highest-paid lawyer in your career.


We acknowledge you can now make your decision on which program you want to study between medicine and law. Meanwhile, don’t feel challenged by any of the facts mentioned in this write-up.

Rather, it should serve as a guide for your conclusion over which academy to select between the two.

Finally, we are readily available to provide useful guidance and hints on school-related matters. Drop your questions in the comments section below and we’ll reply as soon as possible with a favorable answer.

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