Is it Possible to study Nursing in Canada without Mathematics?

Currently, the request for more Nurses in the world is at its peak, due to the emergence of the covid-19 virus, which has led to a high rate request of medical practitioners. However, just as every other Nation is demanding more Nurses and medical professionals, so also is Canada.

Firstly, to become a nurse one must pass through training. Furthermore, studying as a nurse in Canada will also advance your opportunities of finding a job there or in any other country.

Because Canadian qualification isn’t only valued in Canada but also highly recognized in the entire world because of their educational quality.

Meanwhile, if your O’level is not having math or you have poor grades in math, here are some tips to be considered.

Can I get into Nursing without Maths?

To study Nursing, it is necessary to have Math in your result because math is essentially needed for nurses. And this is not only in Canada but also in other countries of the world.

To successfully attain the level of Bsc. degree in Nursing in Canada, it is necessary for one to have excellent grades in subjects like English, math, biology, chemistry, and physics at his/her secondary school level.

Therefore, if one plans to get a BSc. degree in Nursing, one must have Math. Moreover,  you can still get into Nursing in Canada without math, and here are some necessary tips to be considered if you want to study Nursing in Canada without math in your O’level.

What do you require to study Nursing in Canada without Maths in your O’level?

Adult education is available in Canada. Adult education is designed to assist students who are not able to meet the necessary O’level grades to get into college. Even Canadians that are up to 18 years of age and above can also make use of this opportunity.

Even as a transnational scholar with subject shortcomings, adult education can help you upgrade. Although, because the educational procedure differs by region, you might have to inquire more about what you should do at your university.

A secondary-level test is also conducted to help the student make up for deficiency results. Yet before applying for the test, you have to check the requirements to know if you are qualified for the test. Concluding the tests will permit you to proceed in your nursing study if you are qualified to take them.

Several institutions also render help to students with result deficiency by giving them early lectures on nursing, mostly a year, to help them prepare for the main course ahead. Inquire about your university procedures before you proceed with the application.

Below is the list of institutions that accept students without maths (for prenursing studies):

  • Langara College
  • University of Regina
  • Loyalist College in Toronto (Toronto Business Collage)
  • College of New Caledonia
  • University of Prince Edward Island
  • Yukon University

What qualifies you to Study Nursing in Canada?

Just as I stated above attaining credits in your core O’level subjects to qualify you for admission in Canada. You’ll need to enquire more in your institution to know which school is admitting students for Bsc. degree. Also, some schools render Diploma certificates to Nursing students. You can inquire with your university to know what qualifies you for a diploma in nursing.

Although, international students may need to do more especially in language tests, meanwhile check your country’s requirements.

If you have already attained your Bachelor’s degree you can also apply for postgraduate studies.

Some international scholars can ignore vocabulary tests. But if your country needs a vocabulary test for admission, you may need to pass one or a variety of these tests:

  • PTE
  • GRE (for postgraduate students)
  • CASPer exam (for Ph.D. students).

Is Math necessary for Nursing?

Being a nurse one of your jobs is to issue drugs to patients and a good understanding of math will help you do this well.

Whatever medical unit you are positioned in, you will always carry out some math conversation. However, being used to the job might be easy due to repetition of the process but in the beginning, it is different.

Also when carrying out your duty as a nurse there is some little math you can’t escape, for example, checking a child’s weight helps in giving the right treatment drugs and all these can’t be achieved without a little understanding of math.

Can You Be a Nurse if you don’t have math in Your O’level Result?

However, some medical scholars and practitioners are math gurus but not everyone is gifted in this aspect others need thorough teachings.

Like it had been said above a good idea of math will be needed during your carrier as a nurse. And if you are bad in math you might not be able to perform your duties as a nurse effectively, and with this very poor math understanding, you might likely not complete your nursing training.

However, if your math is very poor and u wish to become a nurse, you can improve your math by taking maths tutorials either virtual or real-life lectures, if you have to. You can also assist yourself by practicing it during your leisure time, and you can easily understand math if you practice with a friend often.

Well, math is generally accepted to be a challenging subject because it is not easy to understand but with extra time of studying, you can gradually improve on it.

Can I study Nursing with a D in Maths?

To be considered for admission to study nursing in any university in Canada you must have at least a credit in math in your O’level, but you might still be granted admission with a D in math.

Some institutions also render pre-nursing for students who have a D in math. You will have to seek more information from universities to know which is willing to accept students with a D in math.

How You Can Improve Your Maths

However, offering more time and giving more attention to math can improve your understanding of math. Also, many individuals are facing this, you’re not alone in what you may call your deficiency in math, therefore there is still a chance of getting better.

Here are some steps that can help you improve:

Online Courses

On the internet, there are many sites where you can learn also you can also learn by employing a private teacher. Well, you will need not feel alone on this issue of having difficulty with math because you might also meet some people with difficulty in math, assessment, and tests might also be given to the individual with math deficiency, and this will help improve their ability in understanding math.

YouTube Videos

  • However, YouTube can also be very useful in dis because of the variety of videos on it. Therefore, whatever you need to learn about, you can easily search for them on YouTube.

Math Apps and Games

This form of learning math makes it easier to understand math because it is a fun way of learning. Also, it helps cover many topics quickly.

Study with Friends.

As the saying, two or more heads are better than one, and it is sometimes difficult to learn new topics on your own so you can therefore create extra time studying to help improve your math ability.  

However,  it doesn’t depend on which method you use in studying, be it virtual studying or studying with friends, you should also create some personal time to study which will also help improve you.


To become a good nurse, you’ve got to have a good knowledge and understanding of mathematics. Yet with a math deficiency, you can still achieve the goal of becoming a nurse by utilizing some steps that have been discussed above. This can help you achieve your dream of studying nursing in Canada and taking pre-nursing studies.


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