FRSC Salary Structure 2023 FRSC Ranks & Training Allowance 2023/2024

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has a unique rank system and pay structure compared to other military organizations in the country. Their primary responsibility is to ensure safety on federal highways and prevent accidents, especially those involving drivers and road users.

Many young college graduates aspire to join the FRSC as officers, especially if they don’t get hired by other paramilitary groups like the NSCDC, Nigerian Immigration, Nigerian Prison Service, or Civil Defense. The main reason for their interest is the FRSC’s attractive salary for graduates. However, those who enter with a lower educational level, like an OND or ordinary level certificate (level), receive a lower income than senior officials

FRSC Ranks 2023/2024

The Federal Road Safety Corp. has two rank structures: Non-commissioned Officers and Commissioned Officers. Here are the ranks from the lowest to the highest: ARC Assistant Route Commander (Entry Point), DRC Deputy Route Commander, RC Route Commander, SRC Superintendent Route Commander, CRC Chief Route Commander, ACC Assistant Corps Commander, DCC Deputy Corps Commander, CC Corps Commander, ACM Assistant Corps Marshal, DCM Deputy Corps Marshal, CM Corps Marshal.

FRSC Marshals Ranks / Structure 2023/2024

The FRSC Marshals have different ranks and roles. Junior Marshals start as Road Marshal Assistant III, then progress to RMAII and RMAI. After that, they become Senior Road Marshal Assistants, followed by Deputy Chief and Chief Road Marshal Assistants. Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) include Marshal Inspectors III, II, and I. Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (SNCOs) are Senior Marshal Inspectors, Principal Marshal Inspectors, Assistant Chief Inspectors, Deputy Chief Inspectors, and Chief Inspectors.

FRSC Salary Structure 2023/2024

The Federal Road Safety Corps in Nigeria has the following ranks.

RankBasic  Annual Salaries
Chief Inspector (CI) ₦1,405,449
Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI)  ₦1,325,234
Assistant Chief Inspector (AC)₦1,252,038
Principal Marshal Inspector (PMI)₦1,143,539
Senior Marshal Inspector (SMI)₦1,058,416
Marshal Inspector I (MI-I)₦777,876
Marshal Inspector II (MI-II)₦548,387
Marshal Inspector III (MI-III)₦393,442
Chief Road Marshal Assistant (CRMA)₦966,761
Deputy Road Marshal Assistant (DRMA)₦539,048
Senior Road Marshal Assistant (SRMA)₦387,428
Road Marshal Assistant I (RMA I)₦349,589
Road Marshal Assistant II (RMA II)₦319,741
Road Marshal Assistant III (RMA III)₦305,576

In summary, we can easily find the FRSC Salary Structure and rankings on their official website. However, getting exact compensation data was a bit tough because most FRSC officers we spoke to didn’t want to share their income. Based on our findings, those with secondary certificates earn around N40,000 per month, while BSc graduates start at N150,000 monthly. HND holders receive up to N100,000 annually, and high-ranking FRSC officials can earn up to N250,001 yearly. It’s important to note that FRSC officers also receive additional benefits like uniforms and rent assistance, which depend on their educational background.

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