EFCC Salary Structure, Training Allowances, and Ranks 2023/2024

Remember, the EFCC and the ICPC are different, even though they have similar goals. You can find more about their differences here.

What is the EFCC’s Salary Structure

The EFCC is in Abuja, Nigeria. It has around 10,000 employees and a budget of over 600 million naira (US$2 million). Salaries at the EFCC depend on the employees’ ranks, and they are paid based on their positions in the organization.

The EFCC in Abuja, Nigeria, has different ranks for its employees, and their salaries vary based on their position. The ranks are divided into three categories: Detective Superintendent, Detective Inspectorate, and Detective Assistant Cadres of the Cadets. The commission has about 10,000 employees and a budget of over 600 million naira (US$2 million)

EFCC Salary Structure 2023 and Ranks

The EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) pays its employees fairly, with different ranks receiving specific wages. For instance, an entry-level employee at EFCC earns around ₦168,500 per month on average, while a Deputy Detective earns about ₦245,800 yearly. The Graduate Assistant’s salary is approximately ₦270,085 per month, and they start with an average monthly pay of ₦170,700. Overall, the EFCC is known for providing competitive compensation to its staff in 2023. Working at the EFCC comes with various advantages, besides a good salary. These benefits include flexible working hours, regular vacation allowances, and a great pension plan.

Joining the EFCC is a fantastic opportunity. As per the 2023 wage structure, the salaries of the commission’s officers might see an increase. The new wage structure also outlines the different grades and roles of the commission’s officers.

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