Costs and Assistance for Trainee Teachers for Non-UK Citizens

Non-UK citizens who want to become teachers in the UK might receive financial assistance from the government. Whether you qualify for this help depends on your immigration status and the subject you want to teach. Generally, if you’re not a UK citizen with settled status, you may not be eligible, except if you’re training to teach languages or physics. This information applies to non-UK citizens living in the UK, those living abroad, Irish citizens, refugees, or asylum seekers.

If you’re from outside the UK and want to become a teacher in England, the training costs can vary

It might range from £9,250 to around £32,000, depending on where you train. You’ll also need to cover your living expenses. Some people may pay the same lower fee as UK applicants, which is a maximum of £9,250, depending on their immigration status. But most non-UK candidates won’t get this reduced fee. You can also consider a salaried teacher training course. With this, you won’t have to pay any fees, and you can earn money while you train in a school. Keep in mind that these courses are limited in number and highly competitive.

Language or physics teacher in the UK

There are three types of financial support available, You can receive £10,000 for moving to the UK to teach languages or physics.

You may be eligible for bursaries that go up to £27,000 for teaching languages or physics.

If you’re teaching French, German, Spanish, or physics, you could get scholarships worth up to £29,000.

If you qualify, you can get both the relocation payment and a bursary or scholarship. However, you can’t get both a bursary and a scholarship at the same time.

If you’re a trainee teacher in languages or physics moving to England, you might be eligible for an international relocation payment (IRP) of £10,000. This money is meant to help cover some of your moving expenses. You’ll get this payment from the Department for Education (DfE) after you’ve completed your first term of training in England. You don’t need to repay this money, and you can only get it once.

Bursaries and scholarships are like gifts from the UK government, and you don’t have to pay them back. Here’s the important stuff:

  • You can’t get both a bursary and a scholarship.
  • These bursaries and scholarships are for teacher training courses where you pay a fee.
  • If you’re not from the UK, you can still get bursaries and scholarships for physics and languages.

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