Bursaries and Scholarships for Physics and Language Teachers: paying them £27,000

Scholarships and Bursaries are known as tax-free payments from the UK government that you do not have to pay back. Also keep to heart that some of the conditions applied are:

  • Scholarships and Bursaries are only made available for specific courses where you have to pay tuition to go train as a teacher.
  • In Physics and Languages, Bursaries and Scholarships are made open to all Non-UK trainees.
  • Bear in mind that you cannot be eligible for both bursary and scholarship at the same time. You can only choose one at a time.

Bursaries for both Physics and Languages

In as much as you have a training provider, You do not need to apply for a bursary, You will be awarded one through your provider and you could get either a physics bursary with about £27000 or a language bursary with about £25,000.

Eligibility for physics and language bursary

You’ll need an accredited teacher training provider in England, you will also need a place on a course training to teach physics and languages in the academic year 2023 to 2024. Your qualifications should include one of the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree with Second class lower division (2:2) or higher
  • A master’s degree
  • A PhD

Terms and conditions apply to different bursary schemes, to find out more information on this, you should contact your training provider.

The languages bursary covers all languages that are offered by recognized and accredited teacher training providers. If a course combines 2 subjects (for example, physics plus mathematics, or modern foreign languages plus English), the bursary subject must form at least 50% of the course content.

Scholarships for Languages and Physics

You have to be highly qualified to pass through the tough selection process, if you break through the selection process, in less than 10 months, your teacher training providers will deposit your scholarship money directly into your bank account. You could get any of the following scholarships:

  • German, Spanish, and French Scholarship of £27,000
  • Physics scholarship of £29,000

How to apply for Physics and Languages Bursaries or Scholarships

To be able to apply for a scholarship, you will need to place on a course training to teach French, German, Spanish, or physics, with a recognized and accredited teacher training provider in England. In 2023 to 2024 academic year, you will need one of the following qualifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree class of Second Class upper division (2:1) honors or higher
  • A master’s degree
  • A PhD

In special cases where you have outstanding relevant experiences, you may be offered the scholarship with a Second Class lower division. You can apply using the official websites for each course of study.

  • For Languages scholarship (French, German, or Spanish scholarship) – British Council
  • For Physics scholarship – Institute of Physics
  • To get teacher training courses in language and physics, click here

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