Best Canada Overseas Teaching Recruitment Agencies

Having the right people guiding you through your job search can make all the difference when it comes to finding the right role. And one of the best resources you can take advantage of is recruitment agencies.

With excellent qualifications in the teaching field, finding a job personally overseas in Canada can still be a difficult experience. Working with organizations or agencies that aid in securing jobs as a teacher helps you to get a successful career, get the best jobs, and fulfill your dreams of making an impact in your students’ lives. The big question is:

Why Recruitment Agencies?

Recruitment agencies are companies that specialize in assisting employers in finding suitable candidates for job openings. These agencies work with both employers and job seekers to match skills, experience, and qualifications with available job positions. Recruitment agencies often have a large database of potential candidates and use a variety of methods, such as job postings, referrals, and networking, to find suitable candidates. They then conduct screening interviews, reference checks, and other background checks to ensure that candidates are a good fit for the job and the company.

Some recruitment agencies specialize in particular industries or job sectors. Getting in touch with a teaching recruitment agency in Canada holds a lot of advantages.

Here are the best teaching recruitment agencies in Canada

Prospero Teaching

The search for a trusted teaching agency should not take you too far due to the permanent existence and positive feedback from PROSPERO TEACHING. It is an education recruitment agency that has offered various permanent job opportunities in the education field  and has not failed to offer excellent career guidance and provide positions that suits the candidate’s teaching profile

Address:   401 Bay Street, Toronto, ON, Canada M5H2Y4


Phone number:      416-646-6611

Engage Education Canada

A specialist education recruitment agency that partners with the school to place high-quality staff and provide permanent employment in the school that suits candidates.

Phone number: 855 636 4243

Address:     18 King Street East, Suite 1400 Toronto, ON M5C 1C4

Teach Away

International teacher recruitment based in Toronto is best known for providing teaching opportunities from different sectors and having connections with top educational institutions. This agency also provides professional development courses for teachers which aids in giving the best knowledge and impacts to students.

Address: 324-171 East Liberty St, Toronto, Ontario M6K 3P6, CA

Phone number: 1(416) 628-1386


Merit Services Education Agent:

An education agency that specializes in providing solutions in the education and migration sector.

Phone:  +1 289-378-5341, +1 289-378-5345

Address :7880 Keele St. Unit 206, Concord, ON L4K 4G7


Adventure Teaching

A well-known recruitment agency that specializes in providing teaching job opportunities and provides support in traveling and settling in respected areas abroad.

Phone number 778-379-6133

Toll free number: 1-844-597-3064


Address: 2-228 west 5thavenue Vancouver BC, V5Y 1J4

International Teacher Plus

A teaching recruitment agency best known for providing easy access to excellent educational institutions in Canada thereby granting excellent teaching job positions in such institutions

Each of these agencies specializes in recruiting Canadian teachers for positions abroad and will have different options depending on the countries and positions you are interested in.

Address: KANATA RESEARCH PARK 300 March Road Suite 201,

Ottawa, Ontairo, Canada K2k 2E2.

Phone: +1-613-592-5858


Do Recruitment Agencies in Canada Require Fees?

Not all recruitment agencies require fees. You only get to pay a retainer fee (the fees paid to someone or an organization to make them available or ready to do work for you)

Other recruitment agencies would require payment which is about 10-35%. They are tasked with connecting candidates with employers and companies thus the payment.

How Canada Recruits Overseas Teachers

Here are the different ways by which teachers are recruited in Canada:

1. Express Entry

An efficient online system used by the Canadian government, and it has proven to be one of the fastest and most reliable ways for you to go to Canada. Express entry enables immigration to Canada, and it is free to create an express entry profile.

2. Economic immigration

Have made up your mind to be a resident of Canada permanently? Economic immigration has proven to be easy access to Canada. It is also known as the permanent resident program and it involves professional and skilled workers who have Canadian skills or work experience to immigrate easily to Canada.

3. Business Immigration

This is a perfect and easy immigration route for investors and entrepreneurs. Business immigration makes easy access to Canada, especially for candidates involved in the business.

4. Sponsorship

For easy sponsorship, you must be married or sponsored by your boyfriend, girlfriend, employer, or your family relatives

Frequently Asked Questions

How are teachers recruited in Canada?

Bachelor’s degree in education is required if you want to teach in Canada. If you have acquired your teaching license, you will be enabled to teach in Canada

Is it hard to find a teaching job in Canada?

Definitely. It is not an easy feat for immigrants due to the fact that most Canadian schools or employers prefer workers who have Canadian skills and experience. To get a job in Canada, strong references will be needed.

Is certification required before you’re recruited as a teacher in Canada?

A bachelor’s degree, a teaching license, and a provincial certificate are required.

What does a teacher recruitment agency do?

A teacher recruitment agency provides job satisfaction and experience. Working with an agency means the schools are covering the bases, and schools only advertise vacancies through a recruitment agency, so it can only be easy for you to get a job through an agency.

Recruitment agencies have proven over the years to be effective and efficient in providing employment to qualifies candidates. After reading this post, all doubts will be cleared and easy access to information about getting jobs in the educational sector are provided.

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